For IT Innovations and Innovators
For IT Innovations and Innovators

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Improving the perception of your IT Department

Senior IT people are very good at what they do but selling is not one of them. Making sure that the rest of the organisation repsects and values the contribution of IT is a hard and unforgiving sales task. The csi10 proven sales methodology works just as well in selling the IT department to the rest of the business as it does ensuring Innovations get before the right people with money. ASK FOR YOUR INITIAL FREE 1 HOUR ASSESSMENT!

Innovations with maximum value add

Every senior IT executive should be constantly on the look out for something that can bring added value to their company. The rate of innovation in the IT world is unparalleled and having a constant feed of innovations that are relevant to you and your situation enables you to stand out from the crowd, be seen to be adding significantly more value and be a focal point of newness and change.

Lets us help you evaluate where innovations can add the most value to your business... CONTACT US NOW!

Connecting you with peers who can help

In the IT market place almost everything you have to do has been done before. The csi10 network offers you unprecedented access to many senior executives who are willing and able to share their experience with you which lends you massive credibility. ASK US FOR A CONNECTION!

Need specific talent?

Sometimes HR and your preferred suppliers of resources just cannot come-up with the talent you require. Our extensive network means we know the most experienced IT, ERP, SAP, Project, Programme, Security talent in the UK. We find talent where others just cannot.... For help finding that specific talent - click here.

csi10 services mean that you can

  • be presented with a regular list of innovations for your consideration
  • immediately take advantage of an extensive network of advice
  • network with the right people to improve your standing within the company
  • improve the value perception of your IT department
  • become an innovation assessor to help SME's build a strong portfolio



We'll be pleased to provide you with more details about our services. Contact us on +44 8701995610 or use our contact form.


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csi10 News

csi10 add Movilizer to its portfolio


csi10 are delighted to announce that it has now partnered with Movilizer to bring mobility to it's portfolio of solutions. Selected for it's complete and unique Enterprise Grade capabilities; Movilizer allows any enterprise system to be used on any device. Development of mobile apps is done in the Enterprise System development language and hence no new software needs to be learned - lower development costs, fast results, better Return-on-Mobile.



csi10 to exhibit at the UK&I SAP User Conference


Come and see csi10 at stand BP4 to review the many innovations that enable more value to be extracted from you SAP investment....... you could win a signed SAP book; An Ipad with Task-Buddy already loaded and ready to go or £3500 SAP benchmarking assessment to tell you just how good your SAP is....

See you at stand BP4.... November 24-26 2013.


The CIO needs to focus on selling their value more...


The value the CIO adds is yet again under scrutiny. The CIO must take the stand as the lead sales person within their department to ensure that the rest of the business recognises the value they add.... csi10 provide a templated approach for achieving an improved perception of IT...


Forget the CIO: the CIIO is the boardroom player...

A great article from Insead saying that the route for the CIO to the boardroom table is through Innovation not just Information. So when will you add the extra 'I' to your title....?



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